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Brand new BIM Product Configurator:

Discover our brand new BIM Product Configurator: all Grada products can now be configured in every possible version. With over 293 million different variants, this configurator is unique in the market.

With the configurator, you create a Revit 3D object of any Grada product to implement in the digital twin of the building or installation.

The datasheets and Selection Tools are automatically retrieved from our website so that you always have the latest documentation available. There is also a link to our ERP system. In the event of a change in our product range (e.g. a size change, an additional version being made available, etc.), the configurator will update automatically.

Via the handy filter tool, you configure the desired type of grating, in the desired version, with the desired accessories in no time.

Now just enter the desired dimensions and your Revit 3D object is created and ready for use.

Grada Autodesk RevitĀ® plug-in optimises your BIM

With the Autodesk Revit plug-in, you'll be able to place your configured object directly into your BIM model with just one click.

There is no need to download the object or the entire library beforehand.


The Grada BIM Product Configurator

- is user-friendly

- works quickly and efficiently

- no download required, can be placed directly in Revit

- is kept up-to-date automatically