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Steel exhaust air grille


Steel exhaust air grille

The grille type GK250 is used for air exhaust or as a transfer grille in facilities such as offices, workshops, warehouses, shopping centres,... The grille can be used for wall or duct mounting.

  • Steel wall grille with fixed stamp-formed horizontal blades with 45° deflection
  • Free passage ca. 40%
  • The grille can be used for wall or duct mounting
  • Wall


  • Transfer


  • Exhaust


  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

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Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
GK250 Exhaust 100x100 mm 20 m3/h 28 m3/h 39 m3/h
GK250 Exhaust 200x200 mm 96 m3/h 117 m3/h 142 m3/h
GK250 Exhaust 300x300 mm 218 m3/h 256 m3/h 300 m3/h
GK250 Exhaust 400x400 mm 393 m3/h 453 m3/h 522 m3/h
GK250 Exhaust 500x500 mm 617 m3/h 703 m3/h 802 m3/h
GK250 Exhaust 750x550 mm 1023 m3/h 1154 m3/h 1301 m3/h


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