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Exhaust grille with filter frame


Exhaust grille with filter frame

The grille type FH101/201/371/711/771/781 is used for the exhaust of air in facilities such as offices, warehouses,
work-shops, ... The grille can be used for wall or duct mounting where the surroundings have to be safeguarded against pollution.

  • Aluminium exhaust grille with vanes or grid core and filter frame.
  • The grille is hinged to the filter frame which is able to receive all 25mm thick filter cartridges.
  • Free passage ca. 50% for FH371 and FH771. Free passage ca. 60% for FH101, FH201and FH711. Free passage ca. 85% for FH781.
  • Wall


  • Duct


  • 2 way throw

    2 way throw

  • Exhaust


  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

  • Adjustable


  • Easy access

    Easy access

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