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Circular swirl diffuser with adjustable air pattern



Circular swirl diffuser with adjustable air pattern

The swirl diffuser type WT500 is equipped with orientable plastic deflectors. It is designed for exposed duct mounting but can also be surface mounted. A high induction is obtained through the excellent swirl effect. The diffuser has a strong coanda effect over a wide temperature range (also at low flow rates) which makes it optimally suited for VAV applications.

  • Ceiling


  • Swirl


  • Round execution

    Round execution

Select a product based on standard values

Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
WT500S - 125 mm 102 m3/h 120 m3/h 142 m3/h
WT500S - 160 mm 130 m3/h 156 m3/h 187 m3/h
WT500S - 200 mm 266 m3/h 311 m3/h 363 m3/h
WT500S - 250 mm 336 m3/h 395 m3/h 464 m3/h


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