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Adjustable Slot Diffuser with 20 mm frame


Adjustable Slot Diffuser with 20 mm frame

The adjustable aluminium slot diffuser type SLS is suitable for the supply and exhaust of cooled and heated air in, among other applications, offices, shops, meeting rooms,… This product is designd for ceiling or wall mounting  and is available from 2 up to 4 slots. Each slot is individually adjustable and is equipped with 2 specially designed discrete deflectors. This results in an ideal air flow pattern that can be adjusted by 180° (vertical and horizontal air flow). SLS is available in several lengths, and in multiple middle and end sections to create a linear diffuser up to any length.

  • Easy mounting with mounting brackets (in combination with plenum type SPS)
  • Sleek design with discrete deflectors
  • Wide temperature range for both heating and cooling
  • Ceiling


  • Suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceiling

  • Linear


  • 1 way throw

    1 way throw

  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

  • Adjustable


Select a product based on standard values

Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
SLS-1 1 slot, Wall jet 1000x49 mm 81 m3/h 97 m3/h 117 m3/h
SLS-2 2 slots, Wall jet 1000x92 mm 154 m3/h 185 m3/h 221 m3/h
SLS-3 3 spleten, Wall jet 1000x135 mm 207 m3/h 250 m3/h 301 m3/h
SLS-4 4 slots, Wall jet 1000x178 mm 232 m3/h 282 m3/h 343 m3/h
SLS11 1 slot 1000x49 mm 94 m3/h 109 m3/h 128 m3/h
SLS12 2 slots 1000x92 mm 173 m3/h 208 m3/h 251 m3/h
SLS13 3 spleten 1000x135 mm 233 m3/h 287 m3/h 352 m3/h
SLS14 4 slots 1000x178 mm 272 m3/h 336 m3/h 416 m3/h


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