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New diameters available for circular VAV dampers

The range of circular VAV dampers type "BR" has been expanded to include diameters 500 and 630. In addition, the circular tunnels also received a quality upgrade. Thanks to the expansion of the diameters and the quality upgrade of the tunnels, we offer a solution for the constantly changing market demand.

From now on Grada International can offer 10 diameters: Ø100, Ø125, Ø160, Ø200 Ø250, Ø315, Ø355, Ø400, Ø500 and Ø630. To ensure an airtight connection, the size of the F-rubber is adjusted according to the selected diameter.


Characteristics circular VAV dampers


  • Spigot length conform EN1506
  • The housing meets Class C following EN1751
  • The damper blade meets Class 2 following EN1751


Please note that our dimensions have changed slightly in length and spigot length.

Here you can find more information.