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Historical school building Wispelberg - Ghent

This historical school building has a central location on the school site in Wispelbergstraat.
The street façade of the existing building on the site, the school designed by the municipal architect A. Pauli in 1882-83, is mentioned in the inventory of Architectural Heritage and had to be restored as part of the new project. In consultation with Ghent city council’s Department of Monuments & Architecture, the dimensions and the visual appearance of the wing of the existing building along Wispelbergstraat were retained.
On the basis of these preconditions, the new programme was integrated into the dense site of the Athenaeum Wispelberg. Read more

Grada also contributed to this wonderful project and supplied various ventilation products that will ensure optimum air quality for the different living areas.

More information about the building and the architect can be found here: Atheneum Wispelberg




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